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Dr Jane Courtney

MATtrack: A MATLAB-Based Quantitative Image Analysis Platform for Investigating Real-Time Photo-Converted Fluorescent Signals in Live Cells

Courtney, Jane; Woods, E; Scholz, D; Hall, WW; Gautier, VW

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Accelerated Aging Test on Multiple XLPE MV Cables Simultaneously to Induce Water Trees

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Tracking protein dynamics with photoconvertible Dendra2 on spinning disk confocal systems

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Tracking Transverse 2d Ultrasound Images of The Carotid Artery

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Dynamics of HIV-1 Rev sub-nuclear trafficking reveal new Insight into the role of Rna in the regulation of Rev nucleolar Accumulation

Woods, E; Courtney, Jane; McCartin, A; Marcello, A; Hall, W.W; Gautier, V

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Tracking protein dynamics with photo-convertible Dendra2 on Spinning Disk Confocal Systems

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Non-Gaussian Anisotropic Diffusion for Medical Image Processing using the OsiriX DICOM.

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Location, location, location: Insights into the dynamic inter nucleolar trafficking of HIV-1 Tat and Rev in live cells.

Woods, E; Courtney, Jane; McCartin, A; Marcello, A; Hall, W.; Gautier, V.W.

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Blood Vessel Diameter Estimation System Using Active Contours

Tizon, A; Courtney, Jane

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A Monocular Marker-Free Gait Measurement System

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Preliminary Results for a Monocular Free Gait Measurement System

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Direct least Squares Ellipse Fitting

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Simple Feature Identification and Matching for Stereoscopic Imaging

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Application of Digital Image Processing to Marker-free Analysis of Human Gait

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