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Dr Jane Courtney

Identification of Unique Features and Exploration of Leap Motion Controller for Detecting Hand Hygiene Stages.

Bakshi, R., Courtney, Jane, Berry, D. and Gavin, G.

Proceeding of Bioengineering in Ireland 2018, Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Section of Bioengineering , 26 -27 Jan 2018, Ireland.

MATtrack: A MATLAB-Based Quantitative Image Analysis Platform for Investigating Real-Time Photo-Converted Fluorescent Signals in Live Cells

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Accelerated Aging Test on Multiple XLPE MV Cables Simultaneously to Induce Water Trees

Conlan, S; Courtney, Jane; Looby, T

50th Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), UK, 2015.

Tracking protein dynamics with photoconvertible Dendra2 on spinning disk confocal systems

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Tracking Transverse 2d Ultrasound Images of The Carotid Artery

O'Griofa, C; Courtney,Jane; Finucane, C; Gray, C

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Dynamics of HIV-1 Rev sub-nuclear trafficking reveal new Insight into the role of Rna in the regulation of Rev nucleolar Accumulation

Woods, E; Courtney, Jane; McCartin, A; Marcello, A; Hall, W.W; Gautier, V

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Tracking protein dynamics with photo-convertible Dendra2 on Spinning Disk Confocal Systems

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Non-Gaussian Anisotropic Diffusion for Medical Image Processing using the OsiriX DICOM.

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Location, location, location: Insights into the dynamic inter nucleolar trafficking of HIV-1 Tat and Rev in live cells.

Woods, E; Courtney, Jane; McCartin, A; Marcello, A; Hall, W.; Gautier, V.W.

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Blood Vessel Diameter Estimation System Using Active Contours

Tizon, A; Courtney, Jane

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A Monocular Marker-Free Gait Measurement System

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Preliminary Results for a Monocular Free Gait Measurement System

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Direct least Squares Ellipse Fitting

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Simple Feature Identification and Matching for Stereoscopic Imaging

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Application of Digital Image Processing to Marker-free Analysis of Human Gait

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